Frequently asked questions!

When you have selected your pick for a race you have the opportunity to change it as often as you wish up to 10 mins before the start of the race.
The 'Make your pick' button to the right of each race changes to 'update your pick'.
Simply click on 'update your pick' button,
Change your selection and
Scroll to the bottom to update pick
Click Pick' on the popup button for confirmation and you're good to go.

There are 2 ways of playing - Online and Offline

Online Play
The easiest way to play is online.

1. Register to play - button top of page
2. Input your details - name, number, password, county, club
3. Buy a ticket
4. Play online - select and change your picks right up close to each race time as often as you wish.

Offline play

1. Buy a ticket through your club
2. They will register you to play
3. Each day you send your selection for all 5 races before 12pm deadline on the day of the races to 087 7692888
4. Include your name, mobile number and the horse numbers for the 5 races in the text.
5. This is repeated each day for the 4 days

either way - best of luck and enjoy the craic!
Fantasy Cheltenham is a Club based fundraiser run by a club in association with registered clubs. All a club needs to do is register online and once validated, when a ticket is purchased online, and your club is selected you are already making money for your club.
On top of that, you are giving your members, friends and family lots of fun and banter for the 4 days of the festival giving them the opportunity to win their own prizemoney and bragging rights.

As we say - c'mon for the craic!

Club Interested? Register your club using the club access button from the menu.
Player interested - Click Register to play and follow the short few steps.
Tickets are €20 for the 20 races with multiple chances of winning money for yourself and for your club.

Daily Prizes - (each day for the 4 days):
Placing is determined by the highest points total per day

1st €400
2nd €200
3rd €100

Overall Individual Prizes
Highest total points after the 4 days (20 races)

1st €1,500
2nd €750
3rd €500

Bonus Cash prizes for clubs

1st €1,000
2nd €750
3rd €500
There are 5 races per day in Fantasy Cheltenham

First place = 21 points
Second place = 11 points
Third Place = 5 points
Fourth place = 3 points

Go to our contact us page and fill in your query and send.
Step 1 - Click 'Register to Play' and fill in the details requested
Step 2 Confirmation via SMS or Email
Step 3 Log in
Step 4 Click Play Here/Buy a ticket
Step 5 Buy a ticket or tickets from here to open up the options to pick the horses and take part.
The short answer is no. When you sign up pick your club from the drop down menu, if the club is registered, or 'CLUB NOT LISTED' if your club is not registered or you have no club. IF your club is registered it is always good to select it to support your local club. If you want your club to get involved look at the next question
Go to the Contact Us page and put in your details or Click on the "Club Access" option from the top menu and follow the steps provided.